The Process/Student Insurance

It’s simple! If you are interested, drop us an email on Please include a brief paragraph about your playing history, your educational qualifications, your age and location. From here, one of our dedicated team members will get back to you with regards to your eligibility. The collegiate system in the USA differs, with regards to eligibility, from NCCA – Junior Colleges. To save you time and money, we will let you know if you meet the criteria (or what you need to do to in order to meet it).

If you are academically sound, we will invite you along to play in a warm up game. This will give you the chance to showcase your talents to us, as well as getting to know us on a personal basis.

Individuals who demonstrate our playing and attitude specification will then be advised on the next step. This will include registering for you SAT test and preparing for a trip to the USA where you will perform in front of a host of universities over a 10 day period.

Soccer Scholar USA will also assist with visa and clearing house applications for successful candidates after the trip. Our experts will also be on hand to give advice on colleges; recommend locations and discuss all scholarship finance queries up until you leave for the USA!

At Soccer Scholar USA, our alumni mean the world to us! So we promise to be on hand to help all the way from orientation to graduation!


TRAVEL INSURANCE is a completely different product to Health Insurance. Our STUDY ABROAD scheme is NOT just Medical only (as Health Insurance is), provides many sections of cover, flexibility and includes REPATRIATION and EMERGENCY MEDICAL cover. The STUDY ABROAD scheme is absolutely ESSENTIAL to complement any Health Insurance, especially off-campus – without proper protection, the bills for REPATRIATION could run into £100,000’s !!!!

CAMPUS HEALTH INSURANCE, the equivalent of Private Medical Insurance in the UK – the options for International students

You will normally have the campus recommended Health Insurance included in your scholarship. It is very complex so please familiarise with cover, such as co-insurance, co-pays, deductible and specifically check in advance whether this only covers a percentage of a potential claim.

The campus should also cover the sport, whether training, playing etc.

You need to check your full financial package. Know BEFORE YOU GO otherwise it is too late !!!!

Example Premiums…10 MONTHS WORLDWIDE….£270.66

Please Note: The STUDY ABROAD scheme is a leisure travel insurance only and will not provide benefits of cover for Private Health Care. Underwriters reserve the right to move you from one hospital to another and/or arrange for your repatriation to the United Kingdom or your EU country at any time during the trip.

Please go to and click on POLICY TYPES for full details of our STUDY ABROAD scheme, close the tab at the top, then get your quotation equivalent in days and complete the purchase online.

Any worries, call Brian on 07837 524144 or Email:

Please go to and click on THE PROCESS/STUDENT INSURANCE at the top, then CLICK HERE at the bottom to POLICY TYPES for full details of our STUDY ABROAD scheme, then get your quotation equivalent in days and complete the purchase online.

Any worries, call Brian. .07837 524144 or Email:

Travel insurance is essential for student’s time in the USA. Don’t take a chance of going without this.

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