About Us


Soccer Scholar USA aims to assist potential student athletes on their quest to obtain scholarships at American Universities. Founded and run by educational professionals, our dedicated team has over 25 years of experience with contacts which stretch from the east to west coast.

With the cost of university ever increasing, obtaining a scholarship to an American university can quite often make a lot of sense financially. This, twinned with the facilities available and increasing popularity of the sport in the USA, means there has never been a better time to consider studying stateside.

At Soccer Scholar USA we guide you right the way from assessment to graduation. Our excellent Academy Team has a wealth of experience in preparing student athletes, both academically and physically, for the transition. We pride ourselves on not charging elaborate fees or guaranteeing every applicant a deal. Instead we look at every aspect of our applicants and assess their eligibility before we invite them to assessment. From here they must train hard and prepare academically to try obtain a place on our ‘Development Squad’ who will showcase in the USA and be exposed to dozens of college coaches and recruiters.

Being educational professionals, we wholeheartedly understand the importance of getting a qualification in this day and age. We also understand that sometimes our education system is not designed to accommodate the student athlete who might excel on the field, but find the classroom more challenging. Our staff have helped over 300 such individuals obtain scholarships and our testimonials speak for themselves.

Why not make your dream a reality and get in touch to find out more?

Soccer Scholar USA – ‘Lifting student athletes beyond their vision of capability!’